Having a glance, WordPress SEO is significant for a brand to increase its web traffic and help them grow dynamically. Furthermore, Checking WordPress SEO and fixing them improves a website’s rankings and user experience. WordPress SEO checks if the site is running correctly or not.

Some contents or settings that every WordPress user should check and fix are:-

1. Check if you have good and suitable web hosting services

Web hosting is one of the crucial elements of a website. As it promotes a safe and secure website. Virtual Tribes Web hosting solution is suitable for beginners for a secure site. Moreover, It is more focused on speed and is affordable too.

Selecting the correct hosting for your website will improve site performance, assist in data management, provides more security, and generates SEO opportunities too.

For WordPress to run the hosting should include PHP, MYSQL, and HTTPS supporting versions. In addition, It might deteriorate your site health if you work on the older version.

2. Take a look if WordPress is updating regularly

Bugs and being vulnerable to malware are common in every technological system. For WordPress to run smoothly, it should be updated to keep files, posts, and blogs safe from any loss.

Furthermore, to experience and bring the newer versions into practice, for better compatibility WordPress should be updated. One of the main reasons to keep WordPress checked, updated, and fixed is for security and to correct it.

To update WordPress means installing a newer version of WordPress, plugins, and themes that are available. Prolongation of the update of WordPress from the older version to newer version can add bigger problems causing the site to break down or fail and may throw you into technical debt.

3. Upgrade your PHP version to the latest

Just as you upgrade WordPress to the latest version, you need to make sure that the PHP version is upgraded too and need to work with the compatible and latest version of PHP.

Upgrading PHP releases significant speed and security. As it is popular, it is the target of many hackers to attack the site causing other harm to the sites too. Not upgrading PHP to its latest versions makes the site lag and not work properly.

Moreover, In the present day, PHP compatibility is 8.0 and the entire WordPress user should consider updating it to the current compatible version.

4. Check if your security plugins and themes are working or not

As security plugins and themes are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Checking security plugins and themes minimizes the risk of security breaches and provides more flexibility to the site.

Security plugins and themes are responsible to protect and secure the files in the WordPress system. Thus, We can install Themes and plugins manually. WordPress offers all-in-one security for the protection of your data.

These plugins increase the speed of the site, improve SEO, and act as a building block to the website. For instance, Security plugins like bulletproof security, wordfence, etc. lie among the famous security plugins to protect your site for WordPress.

examples of security plugins

5. Adopt HTTPS and SSL

HTTPS and SSL are critical elements or tools for WordPress for stronger encryption of the site. Thus, it ensures privacy and reliability in WordPress. These extensions secure the confidential data and information of the users.

The first thing every user should do is adopt an HTTPS connection to all pages in WordPress to secure files and information. HTTPS and SSL are the encryption to ensure the protection of the flow of traffic. Therefore, having a valid SSL certificate is mandatory.

Likewise, Many search engines like Google flag the website without a valid SSL certificate as website security is a key element for any site.

6. Check your permalink structure

Using SEO-friendly permalinks allows a website to rank higher and stay in the lead in search results. In addition, A permalink is a website URL to link your content. Permalink, in simple terms, refers to a permanent link or URL.

Permalinks allow the users to have access to your content, articles, and information by the simple act of copy-pasting the URL. We can check Permalinks by going to the settings —permalink screen.

Keeping a consistent structure of the permalink, using appropriate keywords and shorter URL are some of the URL tactics and guide to a permalink that allows your website to rank higher. To clarify, a user can set up permalinks by using a custom structure.

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