Introduction to elementor

Elementor is known as the best plugin by which we can create pages in WordPress. In simple terms, it is a page builder for WordPress. It is easy to use as it requires no coding. However, it is important to understand how WordPress, themes, and Elementor work together to create posts and pages. In other words, it is a popular WordPress builder that provides a drag-and-drop interface to the user.

It allows us to customize pages, designs, layout, header, footer, etc. further, it has extensive customization options. It consists of fully designed templates if you have no inspiration or idea on what to put on your page. however,

If you’re willing to design pages on your own, you can start by clicking on blocks. By this, you can build your page really fast as these are the block sections of every page. It replaces the basic WordPress editor with a Frontend editor.

you can drag and drop elements like video, text, images, testimonials, headings, etc. A user can insert the template into the page and accordingly change contents too. To edit with Elementor on WordPress, you have to download the Elementor page builder from plugins in the sidebar.

plugins for elementor.


  • go to the page section of the dashboard
  • click add new
  • From the page, section & select your type of Template Update it.
  • click on edit with elementor
  • Click on create and select the structure according to your needs.
  • Add contents to your page
  • Click update.
steps to create pages on elementor


After learning about the steps to create a page in Elementor, let’s take a look at some of its benefits listed down:-

1. Quick and Easy to build websites

It is easy to use, quick, and comfortable for anyone who is willing to create a website on their own. As websites can be created without any codings, even the ones who are not from an IT background can easily create attractive websites for their brand on their own.

Along with that, it has an easy interface for web designers that makes website development faster, easier & standard.

easy to build websites

2. Advanced widgets and features

It includes tons of features and widgets that are needed by every web developer. There are various widgets viz. image, shortcode, heading, gallery, divider, tabs, HTML, and various other buttons.

They help the creator to create websites easily with various features and post widgets to display the blogs.

Widgets of elementor

3. Cheaper and cost-effective

elementor comes under budget

Compared to other website builders, It is cheap and cost-effective. It also has a free version that allows the creator to create pages easily and under budget. Elementor Pro is available at a cheap price per month.

You can even buy themes and plugins at a cheap price and build professional websites under a budget. You can download and use it for free on any device.

4. User and mobile-friendly

Elementor provides users with the flexibility to create and design websites with an easy interface. It provides you with an interface that can be used on each device.

With its mobile-friendly interface, the creator can design the website on mobile too and preview various changes made to the website. It makes your website look standard and makes sure it fits correctly

user friendly & can be operated on any device

5. provides a unique structure

unique structural designs

It provides you with impressive content that allows you to create an impressive layout for every page. This allows you to create a professional website with its unique structure along with its unique structure.

It assists the creator in making it look more standard and glamorous with its unique and special structures placed on the website.

Hence, it is one of the most astonishing benefits of using Elementor.

In summary, Elementor provides tons of benefits for the website. But to run smoothly and avoid slowing down, one must be certain about the proper way and reasons to optimize the website.

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