Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your website so that it appears higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and, as a result, receives more visitors to the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) traffic is organic traffic that originates from search engines, or users who entered a keyword or search phrase into Google browsed the search results and then clicked over to your website.

Targeting the right Keywords:

In general, the initial step of your SEO strategy and overall content strategy should be keyword research. A significant initial step in boosting search traffic is the term. To further understand what you should target, it may be helpful to conduct some research on the search volume for your niche.

Content for Your Product Pages:

Google appreciates websites with a lot of material as a primary research tool and is more likely to display product pages with more information. Use your chosen keywords in the body of your product pages, add product reviews, and include internal connections to related products. You should also add product descriptions, specifications, and alt text for images. Making ensuring that each landing page has distinct content is how we advise avoiding duplicate content mistakes.

Product Pages with Structured Data:

Structured data assists Google in categorizing and indexing your material. By improving how structured data is displayed in rich snippets, adding structured data to your product pages can improve the way your products appear in Google SERP. It’s a good practice to examine the schema markup for problems or warnings after adding structured data to your product pages.

Repairing Technical SEO:

Technical SEO entails fixing technical flaws on your eCommerce site and making it faster, more crawlable, and more secure. Because Google prefers to show sites with higher technical SEO, having a lot of site problems may reduce your eCommerce site’s search engine visibility.

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Proper Competitive Analysis Is Essential:

SEO is, by definition, a competition in which you aim to rank higher in the SERP than your opponent. Knowing your competition, on the other hand, is a key component of beating them. The first step in conducting a comprehensive SEO competitive analysis is to conduct keyword research. You can’t determine your competition for those keywords unless you’ve specified your target keywords. After you’ve carefully specified your target keywords, the simplest thing to do is Google them and look at the top websites for these phrases.

Readability of Your Content:

Google’s ranking algorithm is heavily influenced by how a visitor behaves on a web page. For example, clicking away indicates that users are dissatisfied with what your website has to offer. Readability is an important factor in keeping visitors on your site. From the reader’s point of view, they want to receive value from your site by finding the content they’re seeking for. If the text is difficult to comprehend or overly complex, readers will likely click away fast.

Mobile Friendly:

Mobile devices contribute about 63% of Google searches. A mobile-friendly website improves visitor experience. They will not have to scroll from one side to the other or zoom in to click on links. The photographs must be adjusted for mobile so that they do not appear too huge. A mobile-friendly website will boost your rankings, user experience, and conversion rate of mobile traffic users. If you don’t optimize for mobile, you’ll be losing a lot of traffic.

Featured Snippets:

Google’s featured snippet is a tiny block of text that only shows at the top of Google’s search results. In general, they appear to respond swiftly to a searcher’s inquiry. It’s a great tool that gives users a quick overview of the information they’re looking for. The content in the feature snippet box is collected directly from Google’s index of web pages. Definitions, steps, lists, and tables are common types of information pulled into the featured snippet box.

How SEO increases web traffic

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