Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google. It became available in a beta release on April 13, 2006, and in general release in July 2009, on the web and as mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Google Calendar allows users to create and edit events.

  Steps to create events on google calendar with embed options :


Setup google calendar


  1. Go to Google Calendar and sign in with your Google Account. if you don’t have one then create one.
  2. then check over the left side of your screen you will find “others calendar ” click on it and click on the create new calendar.

3. Add name, description and select time zone then click on create a calendar

4. Click on the configuration and make it public or private whichever you want to.

5. Now go to the homepage and click on the “create” option and create a calendar.

6. Now fill up the details and click on save.

7. Now the events will be created, also you can add events by following the same process and you can remove or edit your event at any time you want to.


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Embed in page


Using their embed code, Google Calendars can be added to a page or a text widget.

In the Google Calendar, you want to add, go to Settings and Sharing (hover over the calendar you want to embed and click on the Options, and select Settings and Sharing).

i. Scroll down to embed code and then copy it, you can also customize the calendar.

ii. Whether you use the block editor or the classic editor determines how you add embed code.



Block Editor


You have to add a custom HTML block if you are using the block editor.

  1. To insert a custom HTML block, click the + icon to the right of any empty block or at the top left of the editor, then search for HTML and select the custom HTML block icon.

2. When it’s added to the Block Editor, it looks like this.

3. Paste the embed code into the custom HTML block.

4. Click on the preview




Classic Editor


To add embed code to a post or page, use the Add Media button in your classic editor.

  1. Insert your cursor into the page where you want the calendar to appear and click the Add Media button.

2. Click on Insert embed code

3. Copy the embed code and paste it into the Insert Embed code box before clicking Insert into post.

When you view the page on your website, your Calendar will now be embedded.

If this type of message arises “You don’t have permission to view this calendar,” it means you haven’t made your calendar public yet, and you should change your Calendar Settings to Public.

How to create a new Google Calendar and Embed on WordPress Website

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