Introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google marketing platform of the Google team that controls and reports the website traffic. It is a tool to track users’ engagement with your website for your brand. In simple terms, it is a tool to understand your customers through business insights and take actions according to the behavior of the customers. It is a tool that provides statistics and analytical tools for SEO. Moreover, It is useless if you’re unaware of users’ engagement and their behavior even if you have millions of visitors.

Steps to create google analytics are:-

1. Create or sign up for Google Analytics using a Google account

Head towards

2. Log into your Google Analytics account

Initially, create your account through your Google account details (email & password)

3. Add your Account details

Account Name

this can be your business name or any name you prefer. It might contain more than one tracking ID.

Data sharing options

To secure the data and keep the data confidential, the user has to go through the privacy policy. After going through the data sharing options, one has to toggle on them.

And select next

4. Property setup

Here, the user will be providing some property details

Property name

This is normally your website. You have to enter your website’s Url under this heading.

Reporting time zone

select your respective time zone


select your respective currency

Advanced options

(Create a universal analytics property) this is your option to create a universal analytics property. If you want a Universal tracking ID, the user has to make sure it is toggled.

Under the website URL heading, you add your website’s URL.

Click next

5. About your business

Select your industry category

Business size

Click on the option according to the number of employees you have.

How do you intend to use Google analytics with your business?

Under this heading, you click on the checkboxes for what you’re looking for.

Click create

Agree to the terms and conditions mentioned.

It just takes a minute to set up your account.

Now, that your account is ready, the user has to add Google analytics to their website by installing the tracking ID or measurement ID directly to the website. There are different ways to do this depending on your site. 

Now that you have learned about creating an analytics account. You can learn about how to create a google webmaster here!

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