Introduction to google webmaster

Google webmaster also known as Google search console is a platform for websites to control. Moreover, monitor the interaction of the site with Google. It is responsible for monitoring the website’s performance (visitor’s insights), analyzing URLs, and keeping track of your backlinks and domains. The webmaster is one of the best tools to monitor the overall site performance. Google webmaster is a partner of Google analytics (

It allows you to create and build your site so that it’s easier to appear in Google searches. The webmaster helps the developers, and website owners to keep track of their websites and accordingly fixes issues to let your site sparkle in the google search results.

How to create a Google webmaster account?

Let’s overlook at the steps to create a webmaster account:-

1. Create or sign up for a Google webmaster using a Google account

Head towards 

Login page for google webmaster

Initially, create your account through your Google account details (email & password)

2. Under URL prefix

URL prefix specifies the URL of your property which is easier to verify through the HTML method.

You need to add your website’s URL

Click continue

URL  prefix to add your website's URL

3. under the domain

Domain heading to add your suitable domain name.

Domain property specifically tracks your data about your entire site.

under this add your preferred domain name.

Click continue

After the verification process, a dialogue box appears as Verify Ownership where you need to download the file.

Click Verify

After clicking on Go to the property you go to a new page where you can see your site’s URL, site performance, coverage, etc. Coverage in the webmaster provides data and information on the indexed URLs and keeps you informed regarding any issues.

Google search console is a collection of SEO that helps in managing your site to appear among the highest and most relevant.

Further, you can check our article on the importance of SEO friendly website.

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