Images do play a significant role to attract an audience to your website. Don’t you skip the contents without pictures? Without any doubt, the majority of people prefer a graphical representation of the content with only text. Studies also prove that 80% of people remember what they see rather than what they read. Image is used for various reasons on a website. For instance, to enhance websites, demonstrate or explain any part of the text, present informative text in a more understandable way, and so on. Images act as a medium to transfer data easily to the viewer. This further makes content more appealing and compels the audience to stay on the site for a longer period of time. You may take the example of Google Lens to analyze how visual search ranking works.

By now you already have some ideas about the role of images in a website. So, let’s overlook some of the points to get detailed knowledge on the topic.

Following are some of the important of images on a website: –

Images Improve user’s experience

As mentioned above, Images present information in an appealing and understanding manner. This improves the user’s experiences as they get what they wanted. By improving users’ experience, visitors stay on the site for a longer period of time.

This will further increase organic web traffic and people click on your site more often.

images improve user's experience

Draws attention and attracts customers

Images improve the quality of the content. Improvement in the content compels the audience to stay on the site for a longer time. It does have great value when it comes to presenting the information. It makes the content more understandable and valuable.

Using high-quality images related to the context will reflect what your site is all about. It avoids your site to look messy and unprofessional. Further, Image optimization leads to website content optimization.

atracts customers

Improves visual search ranking

Using meaningful images related to the content plays an important role in conveying messages which increases visual search rankings. It creates an immediate impression of your site on the audience.

This will further help in maintaining SEO. Hence, images are important to increase the ranking in search results. As it also brings positive changes to your web traffic to your site.

improves visual search rankings

Brings life to your content

Images on your website make the text easier to understand. It also your website look more appealing and brings life to the content. It captures visitors’ attention especially when they show up on search results.

Properly labeled images are the life of the content, product, or goods. Images should be related to the text or the content on the website. It gets more views compared to the content with only texts and no graphical representation of the content.

here are some of the ways for optimizing images.

Increases dwell time

It is an integral part of the content of your website. As it makes your website look more appealing and higher-quality images increase user engagement.

It also brings products and services to life as this impacts the emotions of the viewers. A properly labeled image attracts the viewers and it gets more views compared to dull texts.

increases dwelling time.

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