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Android & iOS Mobile App Development in Nepal

Mobile App Development in Nepal

A Blend of High-Standard Mobile Programming and Creativity

We help companies leverage technology’s power by developing cutting-edge mobile apps with excellent user experience across all platforms & mobile devices.

We help brands design and build superior digital products, enabling seamless user experiences across all modern platforms and devices.

Mobile App (Android & iOS) Development Company in Nepal

We offer a full cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether it is a consumer oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, Virtual Tribes leads the entire mobile app development process from ideation and concept to delivery, and to ongoing ongoing support.

App Development process

We have an established workflow that allows us to create applications quickly and efficiently.

Stage 1. Product ideation

We take your idea, study all the factors, and come up with a clear development plan. This stage comprises:

Stage 2. Product design

Virtual Tribes’ team develops a flawless user experience and interface look for your app. This stage includes:

Stage 3. Backend API development

We create interfaces to ensure all user groups have the necessary access to your app. This stage involves:

Stage 4. Mobile app development

Virtual Tribes’ team take an iterative approach to bring the prototype to life. At this stage we:

Stage 5. App testing

Before the app release, we ensure it’s high quality and bug-free. This stage consists of:

Stage 6. Release

When the quality assurance process is successful, we release the app. At this stage we:

Stage 7. Maintenance

After the release, we still keep an eye on the app to improve it. This stage consists of:

Go mobile with Custom Apps, Site-to-app Conversions, Bug Fixes, and more

Full App Creation

Build your dream iOS or Android app from scratch with Virtual Tribes specialists.

App Customization

Resolve bugs, optimize and update your mobile application with ease.

Convert Site to App

Score customers on the go by converting your website into an iOS or Android app.

Bug Fix

Find seamless fixes for app bugs with help from Virtual Tribes.

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