Basic Website Maintenance Checklist 

Monitoring your website’s general health and functionality is known as website maintenance. Keeping a website current is essential to ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and attracts and retains site visitors. To keep the website current, safe, and dependable, you must perform this routinely. It is a process that involves looking through your website for problems, fixing those problems, and upgrading it as needed.


Perform Website Software Updates:

You must always ensure that your software is up to date if you wish to utilize the website effectively. If a CMS was used to create the website, you may routinely check for updates. WordPress, for instance, is updated automatically. However, there are some situations when manually updating it is required.



If you have a WordPress website, you will have some automated backup options. You don’t have to worry about keeping file backups when you employ website support and maintenance service pros. They undertake this operation every week to ensure that you do not lose important files.



A website’s ability to draw in and retain customers suffers when it takes longer than three seconds to load. The number of visitors leaving your website and the quantity coming back are inversely correlated. Your search engine rankings will suffer as a result.
A website support service will continuously assess your website’s loading performance while using the information they get through speed-checking tools.



For the greatest outcomes, you should always update your website’s content regularly. A post that was made one or two years ago will no longer be relevant and will need to have its material updated.


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Broken Links or Errors:

Make sure that every link on your website points in the appropriate direction, but occasionally, links can break. Your website may suffer as a result, since it will appear outdated and not user-friendly. You will become less credible online as a result.



You may improve the online rating of your website with SEO. As soon as they enter the keywords, customers who are looking for things that are offered on your website will be able to view them. Your website will have a greater chance of receiving more clicks if it is ranked higher.



Check that all significant functionalities, such as signature forms, contact forms, and checkout forms are operating correctly. You need to pay special attention to detail to ensure that it functions properly. What seems to be a little error might result in several problems. HTML errors should be able to be inspected, found, and fixed by trustworthy website support.


Basic Website Maintenance Checklist