Web development is advancing in today’s world with newer and modern technology. Developers are discovering newer websites in an innovative way. The world is changing as technology is changing which can be witnessed easily in web development trends too. Also, In today’s era, web developers are trending as the need for developers is among the highest. Likewise, New updates are emerging leading to advancements in technology and web development. Now, let’s look at some of the top trends in website development in 2022.

Top Trends in website development in 2022

  1. Javascript
  2. Progressive Web apps
  3. Voice search optimization
  4. Artificial intelligence
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Blockchain technology
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Web assembly
  9. Dark mode experience
  10. Cybersecurity


Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages used by programmers to develop apps. Java is said to be the easiest programming language to learn. Hence, it can be easily learned by anyone who is new to coding. By now, Javascript is everywhere and is used by every developer. It is used by websites to script web pages.

Javascript is the most flexible programming language on the web. However, It is quite different from HTML as Java is a scripting language whereas HTML is a markup language. Let’s look at some of its benefits in today’s era: –


  1. Java is easy to learn it is flexible and can be learned even by newcomers too.
  2. Java runs on the client’s browser and is interpreted language that increases its speed and reduces time compared to another programming language.
  3. Moreover, Java has a simple structure and is also feasible which makes learning this language easy and simpler.
  4. Java is among the popular programming languages. Various applications like Spotify, Amazon, Google, etc use Javascript.
  5. Java is versatile as it is capable of both front-end and back-end development like Node JS and Angular JS.

Progressive Web apps

A progressive web application is application software that works on any device with a normal browser. It includes programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Furthermore, It is also a website that can operate on web pages as well as mobile apps.

PWA behaves as a mobile app and companies that have launched PWA have seen impressive results. For a PWA to be good it works fast, work on any browser, and further provide an offline experience.

Let’s look at some of its benefits: –

  1. PWA works on any device and any browser with a flexible screen size.
  2. It increases user engagement, and conversion rates and provides impressive results.
  3. Likewise, It can install faster, and automatic update is its key feature.
  4. PWAs focus on users’ needs and understand the business impact.
  5. Also, It is easily installed without depending on app stores or Play stores.

Examples: Starbucks, flutter, and so on are examples.

A progressive web apps trend

Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is searching for results according to the keywords and phrases recognized by the voice assistants. It is one of the easiest and most reliable methods to get information simply by speaking to your device.

Voice search is one of the most prudent ways to optimize your content. It is the most popular and simpler way to search with your keywords and phrases. It further improves your SEO and also changes the way your brand does SEO.

The volume of voice searches is increasing day by day and is expected to rise more in the upcoming years. We all are already using voice search as it is available on every modern device. Some of the developers that use voice search are Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc.


  1. It answers your questions quickly and clears all your queries
  2. Voice search optimization brings lots of changes to the SEO of your brand.
  3. Also, It is believed to take care of your mobile UX
  4. It is beneficial to the ones with hearing impairments or sight problems.
  5. Voice search is more efficient than typing a long text.
Voice search optimization

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the future of the virtual industry. By now, AI has been deployed in numerous sectors like finance, education, health, transportation, and so on. It has helped us a lot with our day-to-day activities and also in connecting with people from all over the world.

Voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri are a common examples that has been using AI. Along with that, our device includes face recognition and smart keyboards that is the part of AI. The majority of people might not be aware of this, but we have been using Artificial intelligence in our daily life while using electronic devices.

Benefits: –

  1. It cuts off the overall time taken to perform tasks and operates 24/7
  2. AI is easy to use and has a simple structure that is easily understood by anyone.
  3. It has the ability to provide services to differently-abled people as well.
  4. AI has assisted developers in creating and defining more intelligent and powerful computers.
  5. AI is able to handle information better than humans and introduce innovative ways to solve problems.
Artificial intelligence

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computerized experience with 3D scenes and images that makes the users feel entertained. It is completely different from the real or might be similar to it. Virtual reality creates a virtual environment where people interact with computers similar to interacting in the real world.

The craze for virtual reality is increasing day by day and can rise more in the upcoming years. It is one of the most important web development trends of 2022. VR is all about creating 3-dimensional objects through the use of lights. It is simulated, computerized, and Augmented reality.


  1. It increases creativity and expands learners’ knowledge.
  2. Also, Users can experiment with a world completely different or similar to the real world.
  3. VR makes learning easy, comfortable, and simple.
  4. It is important assistance to web development and further provides digital opportunities to the users.
  5. It saves time, and money and assists the user in exploring the virtual world and interacting with virtual objects.

Oculus is one of the famous VR in 2022.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a technology that facilitates the process of transactions that helps to reduce the risks of cyber crimes. This technology offers tons of benefits that make the process of transactions safe and secure.

It allows the development process much easier and faster. Anti-money laundering tracking systems and cross-border payments are some of the blockchain applications. Blockchain technology also blocks the stores of transactional records.

Benefits: –

  1. Blockchain technology enhances security as your data is confidential and crucial.
  2. It reduces costs and abolishes financial services that use traditional techniques.
  3. It provides better transparency and also improves speed and visibility.
  4. Blockchain is decentralized, there is less chance of committing mistakes.
  5. It works on the set algorithm that makes it flexible and allows secure transactions.

Examples of blockchain technology are: – Visa, Walmart, Amazon web services, etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the use of remote servers to store, manage, and process data. It started to emerge and rise rapidly as a trend during the pandemic as almost every company shifted towards working remotely. Cloud computing provides better flexibility and faster innovations.

It can use disaster recovery services that help businesses recover from disasters quickly. Cloud providers are also experts in offering various security features.


  1. It is cost-effective and helps to reduce costs. Hence, a business no longer has to invest a large sum of money on hardware and software as they can access cloud-based applications.
  2. Cloud computing provides flexibility and is highly scalable through which businesses can scale up or down their usage.
  3. It provides a secure environment to the users compared to traditional IT infrastructure as it has enhanced security features viz. data encryption.
  4. Cloud computing offers benefits to the environment as well as helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.
  5. It helps to improve the experience of customers while using cloud-based applications.

Netflix, Google Drive, and Amazon web services are among the popular users and providers of cloud computing.

Web assembly

Web assembly is an innovative code that can run in modern web browsers and is a low-level assembly-like language. It is also known as Wasm and is used for enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications and for programming languages. It is available in a high-level language. Wasm provides execution of any code with faster performance.

However, it cannot replace Java script. Studies and research conducted reflect that Wasm is faster than Javascript on desktops and smartphones. Wasm is the new way to run code on the web. However, it is still in its development process & indeed is the future of the web.


  1. The size of the code is small which makes it faster and more efficient to load and execute its work
  2. It is able to execute on modern web browsers without any issues and is in fact perfect for mobile browsing.
  3. It supports multiple programming languages and offers the benefit of easy debugging.
  4. Wasm is secure, doesn’t break the web & is readable too.
  5. Similarly, It can execute its code at near-native speeds.

Figma, Autodesk, & google Earth are examples that use WebAssembly.

Dark mode experience

We all are already certain about using Dark mode on our devices and browser. It was introduced a few years ago and is one of the major considerations today. The majority of people prefer browsing in dark mode compared to a light theme. The dark mode is easy on the eyes and consumes less battery for the devices.

The dark mode is unavoidable for web development in 2022 and in the upcoming years too.  A darker interface is especially a benefit to users who work at night for a longer period of time.


  1. It reduces eye strain and lessens the risk of problems in your eyesight.
  2. The dark mode is useful to your devices as it saves battery and prolongs battery life.
  3. There is less emission of blue light which keeps your eyes healthy.
  4. The dark mode gives your browser look appealing and amazing compared to the bland white look.
  5. Studies reflect that it is useful for people with light sensitivity and visual impairments.

GoogleInstagram, Twitter, Youtube, &gmail are among the popular apps that enable dark mode.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is the protection of hardware and software or devices themselves from cyber threats. It is useful to protect devices and data in it from unauthorized access. Further, It is useful to prevent your device from attacks. As technology is advancing day by day, cyber threats are increasing too.

Various companies without proper encryption have been facing cyber-attacks leading to the loss of data and the leak of personal information of clients. Hence, Cyber Security is a way to prevent technology from hacking, phishing attacks, etc. It is another interesting trend in today’s digital era for protection and device security.

Benefits: –

  1. It provides protection against external and internal threats.
  2. Cyber Security allows employees to work safely.
  3. Moreover, It creates trust among people to continue to rely on your services.
  4. It prevents various financial threats and prevents websites from crashing.
  5. Likewise, Cyber Security safeguards the personal information of the client and the business and provides digital protection

McAfee, IBM, and Fortinet are examples of companies with the best cyber security.

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