Website design is a crucial part to attract viewers allowing them to stay on the site for a long time. Website designs trend changes every year and makes a comeback every time with new innovations. Every design from the 80s and 90s comes along with modern touch. The increase in website demand for web designers is also increasing day by day. Website designs should be easy to the eye, fast, and clean which allows the user to stay on the site for a longer period of time.

Following are some of the trends in website designs in 2022:-


In 2022, typography with big and unusual bold fonts is never criticized. Typography is leading to making the website look engaging and interesting as much as possible. This trend is increasing rapidly and might not go out of style for the next few years too.

Good and engaging typography-themed website design attracts customers and creates a genuine impression on the audience. And this is exactly what every web designer should consider & realize.

Typography along with animation makes every boring text engaging. 2022 is the year of typography. Who wouldn’t like reading their boring text when it’s mixed with fun and engaging text.

Examples of websites using typography themes:

One page website

After typography, a one-page website has been trending among websites. It allows the creators and designers to create a site more attractive with immense use of creativity. This type of design allows lesser distractive content that might compel the audience to exit. The one-page website works best for a portfolio or presentations where information can be sent quickly and efficiently.

We have seen its popularity on the majority of websites where they forgo the use of menus and navigation. This type of design has fewer movements of content, big images, or other distractions. Hence, It is one of the most chosen types among the creators which is why it is trending in 2022 and doesn’t seem to go away real quick.

let’s take a quick look at the example: –

Retro schemes

Whether it is website designs or clothing, retro schemes never go out of style. Especially, Classic image filters, retro fonts, and blurriness lead the style. This type of design brings back the memories of the 80s and 90s creating nostalgia among the audience.

Retro-inspired website design schemes use unique styles and images. It connects the audience emotionally with vintage graphics and color pop effects. Likewise, Among retro schemes, black & white schemes are the leading theme.

In 2022 we’ve seen various designs stay in the lead among them lay retro theme. Black and white schemes do sound intimidating and its aesthetic design is easy on the eyes. Results are incredible and attract customers to the site.

Examples of websites that use retro schemes:-

Imagery Multilayers

Imagery multilayers are the new design trend here in 2022 that gives users a different and unique look. This design is mainly used to simplify complex topics or content. Multi-layer images are the best way to grab customer attention and trigger positive emotions among the audiences. Also, Imagery multilayers as value to your content and website. By imagery multilayers, you’ll be able to highlight your content more effectively and makes it more appealing.

Examples of websites:-

Memphis design

Memphis design has been continuously making a comeback. Though it is a design of the 80s, it is still leading in 2022. Memphis design is more focused on shapes, patterns, abstract designs, and the proper use of stripes. And, They provide a more organic texture.

It defines the aesthetic style of a splash of color along with complex patterns and shapes. This type of design makes you nostalgic. Memphis design is not just a design trend but also a medium to create a positive impression.

Take a look at the following example:-


Trends of gradients are not just trending in 2022 and aren’t completely new. It evolved many years ago and is one of the hottest and coolest themes to design your site. Web designing with a gradient theme is a popular and versatile design that has set up new standards in the context of creativity.

The majority of people mightn’t have noticed it, but gradients made a comeback after Instagram launched its new logo with a gradient theme. It offers more space and allows the illusion of movement without animation. Also, A perfect gradient feels more natural and gives a unique texture.

Example of website with gradients theme

Visible borders

The website design is done with the proper gridlines and borders. But, in 2022 there is no limit regarding lines and grids. Visible borders make the design more real and natural.

That’s the reason why it is trending in 2022. Moreover, going off the grid has been explored among the trends.

Going off the grid and visible borders mightn’t be a good idea but have been increasing rapidly. This gives the website unique shapes and structures. Some websites are emphasizing the use of borders whereas others are embracing it and using it wisely.


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