Introduction to woocommerce

Woocommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform on WordPress that assists a creator in creating and managing an online store along with a variety of features like shipping, secure payments, etc. Woocommerce does have premium features too. It is a better option among others if you run a website on WordPress. And the best part is, it is fully mobile-friendly. It is flexible and amplified by a global community. Through Woocommerce any business ranging from small-sized to large-sized can benefit themselves. This plugin for WordPress helps the seller to sell the products and services online easily. Over many years, it has become a popular option among sellers.

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Now, let’s go through the types of products on woocommerce.

  1. Simple
  2. Variable
  3. External/ affiliate
  4. Grouped

Simple product

A simple product is the most common and easily understandable product type in woocommerce. Examples of simple products can include a book or a cap and so on. A simple product is a unique physical product that you may have to ship to the customer. It has a single SKU, and price and can be shipped. Even though simple products can have attributes they do not allow creating variations like color, or size. This type of product usually has only one version of the product. A virtual product is a product that is not a physical entity. Hence, there is no need to ship such types of products. Whereas, there are some products that need to be downloaded for example ebook, or any other electronic form.

Now let’s learn about how to add a simple product on woocommerce.

Variable product

A variable product is a type of product in Woocommerce that allows you to set variations on a product. This will further help you to control prices, stock, images, and other variations. Each of the products may have a different SKU or price. This will help you manage different variations of a single product. It lets you check each variant with different attributes. For example:- A bag with multiple colors, sizes, and other attributes is an example of a variable product.

Now let’s learn about how to add a variable product on woocommerce.

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External/ affiliate product

An external/ affiliate product in Woocommerce is a type of product that doesn’t belong to your online store but is displayed after being purchased externally for the purpose of entertainment. It is a good way to make an extra profit without worrying about shipping and payment options. By this, you can generate additional income. It slightly differs from a simple product. Attributes can also be added for the external/ affiliate products.

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Grouped product

Grouped product in woocommerce is used mainly when your product has different versions. However, you need to create a single product page for each version of the product. It works in generating profits for your business. One of the benefits of grouped products is that the customer is more likely to purchase more than one item. Also, it consists of simple standalone products that are presented as a group. The grouped product can allow customers to purchase additional items.

after you’ve gained knowledge about the 3 products let’s also learn about adding and managing grouped products.

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