How to write an article?

Instructions for writing an article

An article must possess three features for it to be called a good article: suitable subject matter, proper arrangement & adequate power of expression. However. the expression varies according to the type of article you’re writing. every article should be divided into paragraphs & each heading should have at least one paragraph.

This document presents guides on writing articles. These are minimum requirements, you can add/edit on your own.

Each article should possess the following parts for a good article:-

First Paragraph:

Introduction of what you are about to write, if it’s a plugin, introduce the plugin, show the download link:-(, etc, this should be in the first paragraph.

The first paragraph must be very brief and always arresting and pertinent to the subject.

As you’re writing about the plugin, you may write its short definition, examples of application areas, or a short proverb or general remark by someone who’s briefed regarding plugins.

Second Paragraph:

Show steps to download and install the plugin, with screenshots. The screenshots need to be in PNG file type, do not edit images in MS Paint or another application.

Images play an important role in making an article attractive. Hence, Subject related images should be used in the content to make the article look standard

This makes an article well constructed. Further, adding images of plugins or other files should be related to one another and should possess a direct relationship with the subject matter.

Third Paragraph:

This paragraph is the most important part of the article. Give the main details of the subject matter here so that, the audience doesn’t quit your article. Match the words to the sense, and adapt the style to the subject matter.

Hence, In the third paragraph, write about the features of the plugin, pros, cons, (in bullets), costs if any, etc. Avoid the use of unnecessary details. Also, look out for useless repetitions & strike them out.

Fourth Paragraph:

In the fourth paragraph, you can give extra details about the article. Frame your sentences and reach the last part of the context before the conclusion paragraph. As we’re talking about plugins here & we’ve already discussed writing its features above so here, Show steps to set up the plugin.

Most plugins have a settings page, explain the settings page, and explain and show steps about how you can use the plugin in WordPress. A beginner should be able to use the plugin after reading your article so make sure this happens. Also, don’t forget to watch out for the length of the sentence.

Fifth Paragraph:

As we’ve reached the 5th paragraph, conclude the article with an effective and satisfactory end to an article. The conclusion is as important as the introduction.

Here, you may sum up all the details of the previous paragraphs, a final conclusion drawn from the subject matter, or a phrase or sentence that strikingly expresses the main point of the entire article.

Here, for an article on plugins, Write a conclusion, and talk about how the plugin relates to other similar plugins. Use words like In conclusion, finally, summarizing the paragraphs, As previously stated, etc.


  • Write direct-to-the-point sentences, do not write how this is the 21st century and Internet has grown, and such unnecessary sentences.
  • Write shorter sentences.
  • clarify the points under suitable headings & Arrange headings in a bare outline.
  • Write technical content as much as possible.
  • The articles are for beginners to experts, so make sure you are writing easy-to-understand sentences and bullet points.
  • You can write more than 5 paragraphs if needed.
  • Make the introduction arresting.
  • Keep the parts of the body in proper proportion.
  • Choose words wisely and construct the sentences using the standard method.
  • Articles need to have at least 500 words. The more words the better, I will be looking for more technical in-depth sentences and bullet points.
  • Instead of paragraphs, write short sentences in bullet points where possible.
  • When you submit the article, send a zip file containing the Word document and images folder. The images folder must contain all the PNG images.
  • The PNG images must be numbered and named accordingly. The first image in the article must be named, 1. FIRST IMAGE NAME, and so on.  As shown below,

Now, after learning the proper way to write an article. let’s learn about the importance of images on a website.